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Terms and Conditions

Please Note !

1. When you have been registered with as before we can supply you we need your company details to be sent as copy on our email and  copy of your id card or passport ! we can not accept any orders if you not hold or you have not provide as your Limited Company Number or you not Owner of  Retail Shop or Company Director 

2.Please call as before you place any order, to get a information about Product or anything.

3.We happy to supply free any where in the Uk as minimum order .please ask! or see Delivery information.
4.We not accept returns of any items ones you made your choice ,except wrong send or mistake made by as, or a damage issue 
5. If we send your order by any other delivery companies you will need to pay before the goods get collected from our store. Example you order from far way or Scotland 
6. We not accept any credit or any check before you do have a credit agreements or not know you as current client . You need to pay by cash ,card or alternative check if is accepted by company.
7. We normally distracted in maximum 48 hours after we agree with you and your order as been completed by you. 

8. You will get your Delivery by euro palette to your shop, and we not responsible to put the goods inside the store.

9. Most of the products we can not sell less then 6 prices , we sale by box or half box if is by kilogram as minimum pack or basket/baked.

10. The website platform we update every month we're sorry for any inconvenience caused in you missing something from our stock or for any prices may been slightly change and may different  from website! .

We will like to inform you, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our website and we not responsible for anything may disturbing you when you using this website platform or by any advertising may appear on this platform.

If you are not happy with anything from our terms and conditions above please contact as !

Thanks for understanding!