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We happy to Deliver your order in time and easy way as Minimum order required. If Not you may have to pay for delivery  

We have minimum order required Example: in 20 mile your minimum order has to be £600 then if is more then 20 mile in adding £300 per every 10 mile, from our place (NW9) Wembley London, example your store is in 40 mile from as you may have to place a order as minimum £1200 and if your place is in Central London or any other location which take very long time because of always traffic or any other busy areas  you will needed to place a order at minimum £1500, Why is that ? because we use different delivery company's to send your order then they charge as minimum £60 pounds per load in 20 mile then after 20mile distance  £1.20 pounds on top of every extra mile .

For free delivery:

  1. Up to 10,mile minimum order is £300 , 10 to 20,mile minimum £600 , 20 to 40,mile £1200 , 40 to 80,mile £1800 , 80 to 100,mile £2200 , 100 to 150,mile minimum order required £2800 this is as a example to understand.

  2. If you not happy with anything or you may think you can reach to the minimum order required you may arrange you own transport or by other currier company's you are more then welcome to arrange collection from us.   

  3. We normally distracted in maximum 48 hours after we agree with you and your order as been completed.

  4. You will get your Delivery by euro palette to your front shop, and we not responsible to put the goods inside the store

  5. If any Products are damage after receiving delivery we can exchange or make refund if you contact as immediately after you get your Delivery same Day.